Vivvo CMS 4.0.3 Code + Templates + Modules [Nulled]




The new version of the popular news and media publishing platform is finally unveiled.
Vivvo 4 introduces an entirely new, highly intuitive browser-based interface and gives you even more power and scalability!

High performance (100,000 – 500,000 articles)
Social bookmarking (tags)
Fast page caching (for large websites)
Full CSS layout, with custom skins and templates
SEO Friendly publishing – full SEO optimization
Custom field mapping
Variety of plug-ins and add-ons! (coming soon)



We offer the existing license holders a chance to acquire additional templates if they desire so. Template gallery contains designs for online newspapers, newservices, radio and television stations, portals, web journals and magazines, etc.

Find the right design for your project / website and choose how you want to purchase it. Our policy is to provide templates either from the stock (at $69.95 USD) or on an exclusive basis (starting at $340 USD), which means that once a template is purchased, it is immediately removed from the gallery and no one else can buy it.


In the archive of 5 additional additional modules ($131)

– Automatic Link Submission Directory Module
– Automatic SiteMap Module
– Contact Builder
– BannerManagement
– MediaStreaming

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