Những tấm ảnh chưa từng công bố – New images never announce from Kira

This movies are predicted shocking with more people involved.

Edison Chen Sex Scandal video, Gillian Chung Sex Scandal Cecilia Cheung Mandy Chen Yu Ju Maggie Q Vincy Yeung Jolin Tsai Rachel Ngan Candice Chen Sex Scandal

Kira is a fucking legend and god amongst the mortals. Thank you Kira for exposing the bullshit that is the HK entertainment industry. It was about time something great like this happened!
Look at the slut Gillian. She pretends she’s all innocent with the Twins, never admitting having a boyfriend, acting like she’s a virgin when the truth is she gets banged by her company boss along with Charlene anytime he wants it, and he rents them out to his friends for HK$100,000 a piece a night. The Twins are total sluts and prostitutes but they act all innocent and all their HK fans that look up to them are 7-13 year old girls that are going think it’s fine to be sluts like them as well.

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C’mon, these whores are not “innocent”. They are disgusting hypocritical sluts. Nothing wrong with sex, but don’t pretend you’re like Motherfucking Teresa and innocent and shit.

And Bobo, c’mon. Man, her ex-fiance is SO LUCKY these came out before the wedding and not before. Finally she’s exposed to him what everyone else can see from a mile away – another model actress wanabee slut that just wants to marry for money. That dude should look at himself in the mirror. Do you think any hot chick would want you if your family wasn’t loaded?! What a fucking loser. Bobo is just a money-grubbing gold digger that just wanted a rich husband. Just a total slut whore that would probably sleep around with guys like Edison ’cause they can’t get sexually satisfied with the fat, ugly 4-eyed man that is their husband. It’s pathetic.

Props to that guy for having at least the self-respect to call the wedding off, though it’s probably his family that threatened to disown him and also not pay for the wedding if he went through it. He’s probably bummed cause he thought Bobo really loved him when know he knows she just like his money and is a total complete slut that preferred to chew on Edison’s tiny penis and drink his nutjuice.

Cecilia, not really a big deal since everyone knew she was a slut anyway. She’s fucked everyone from Stephen Chow to Jordan to all the HK actors and singers, and even losers like that Dutch gweilo guy she was using to make Nicholas jealous. She’s a whore and she’s never denied it, and her background is so bad, her dad was in jail for triad activities. But she was the most beautiful of the HK starlets, the bad thing is that it’s exposed she doesn’t know how to shave! Man, she’s got more pubic hair that a 300 pound football player! She’s disgusting down there. What a fucking disgusting whore slut. Get a Brazilian or something you stupid slut. She does have good dick sucking abilities, I like how she’s just drugged out and submissive, letting Edison abuse her angelic face and stuffing his mini-dick in her big fucking mouth.

And the other girls are whores too. Like that so-called model Rachel. What a fucking slut. Same with those wannabe singers. Shows how dirty the HK entertainment industry is. Can’t believe there are still completely stupid naive gullible HK kids that think their heros are so innocent, like Gillian’s fan club that try to say the first photo were fake and her face taken from some movie posters. Good on Kira to then release all these other photos to shut them the fuck up. Gillian is a slut whore, face it morons. Yes, your idol is a fucking prostitute, shows how fucking smart you are. So those two other wannabe singers, they are not any different from the singers that made it, they all started out sucking tons of dicks. How do you think they get signed to managers and get record contracts? By their talent?!! What a fucking laugh since none of these whores can sing. But they can all suck a good dick and lick a dirty asshole!


And if I lived in HK, I would be PISSED that the HK Keystone Cops are being a stupid and ridiculous as they are. I mean, are you serious?! You’re going around arresting innocent people, then claim in the media you solved the case and no more photos will be released, only to be SHAMED and MADE AN ASS OF by the great Kira?! What a bunch of tards! The truth is, instead of arresting innocent people on the Internet, why don’t you arrest that fucking idiot Edison?! First of all, he’s the fucking pornographer, not the people in the public visiting forums. Second of all, have you established whether he got permission from these stupid whores to tape them? If not, then he’s broken the law. If yes, then you can arrest the whole lot of them for making pornography! That’s what this is and what are the laws of “indecent material” in Hong Kong? I’m pretty sure this type of hardcore smut is not legal in HK. Why not go after the pornographers?!

Plus seriously, these stupid sluts should have known better. Not only are they famous and have big careers, which I could care less about, but the fact that they are looked up as role-models by millions of children means these whores should have been more responsible. Now they have rocked society and the cultural fabric of HK to its core by demonstrating that all the celebrities and so-called idols in HK are all sluts and whore who suck a lot of dick on camera, making porn in their free time. If I was a parent to a kid that loved these celebrities, I would be super pissed!


Thank god for Kira and hopefully the HK public will have their brainwashed minds opened with this incident and understand how truly disgusting and vile the HK entertainment industry is. All untalented whores that get famous by sucking a lot of small penises.







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