Giới thiệu mọi người một vài Script AJAX rất tuyệt vời đúng như tiêu đề Ajax Web Aplicationz & Cool Web Scripts!

1. Ajax IM 3.21

what is it?

ajax im (”asynchronous javascript and xml instant messenger”) is a browser-based instant messaging client. It uses AJAX to create a near real-time IM environment that can be used in conjunction with community, intranet, and social websites. No refreshing of the page is ever needed for this “web application” to work, as everything is updated in real-time via JavaScript.


Demo accounts are Usernamestest“, and “test[1 to 4]”. Password is “test“. hoặc


Updates in version 3.21:

* Missed a couple strings for localization
* Fixed installer issue on some hosts
* Login/Register/Forgot Pass form issues corrected in IE7

Updates in version 3.2:

* Major overhaul of the code: everything (PHP and JS) is now object-oriented instead of procedural
* Many functions modified to make better use of the Prototype library
* Multiple language support (need translators!)
* PHP-based sessions implemented, so the username and password isn’t sent on every message request
* Buttons no longer separate images; buttons are now boilerplate images + text
* Proper theming system — themes are bundled into folders instead of all over the place
* New dark theme!
* Buddylist database structure converted to be in a separate table
* Ability to block/unblock users
* Userlist added, now displays all users in a chatroom
* Room list added to the “join room” dialog
* Basic (beta) admin panel added. Supports searching for users, banning, kicking, and making/removing admin

language packs:
language size updated
Spanish 3 kb 12/22/07
German 3 kb 12/22/07
Brazilian 3 kb 12/22/07
Portuguese 3 kb 12/22/07
Dutch 3 kb 12/22/07

2. TurboDbAdmin


A single-page solution for exploring and editing databases from a browser. Edit data just like you would in a desktop application, without submit buttons or page refreshes. Built using cutting-edge TurboWidgets and the Dojo Toolkit.
TurboDbAdmin is free to download and install on any standard web server. Version 0.2 is now available with new features including experimental PostgreSQL support.

Browse Your Data
Data is efficiently retrieved from the server so you don’t have towait. Quickly navigate to specific locations within large datasets byselection the appropriate page.Tables may be sorted on any column.
Edit Your Data
Real-time editing of table data: edits are automatically saved to yourdatabase server. Add and delete records. Supports all database columntypes with editors matched to the column type.
Import and Export Tables and Databases
Import and export tables or complete databases in SQL format. Also export in CSV or HTML.
Execute SQL
Easily execute SQL on your server. View results of Select commands.
Manage Your Server (Coming soon)
Add, delete, backup, and rename databases. MySQL and PostgreSQL servers are currently supported.
Create and Alter Tables (Coming soon)
Create and modify table schema using a common, straightforwardinterface. Add, delete, and change the order of columns. Full controlover all column attributes.
Select Your Favorite Theme
Customize the look of TurboDbAdmin by selecting one of the built in themes, or create your own.

3. ClickHeat | Clicks heatmap


(login/password: demo/demo)

Can I use the heatmap generator outside ClickHeat (for my own application)?
Since 1.2 you can do that (still using PHP and GD of course), please have a look at the Heatmap PHP class

Debug mode answers “forbidden referer/group” and no click is logged:
This is because you’ve specified a “whitelist” of domains/groups in the configuration. If the configuration field is empty, then all clicks are logged. If there’s a value, then the click must be okay.

For example, if you have whitelisted the groups “home, contact, links”, then the click’s group must be one of these three. Be careful with domains (referers), these must be fully declared: won’t allow You must define both as “,”.

Horizontal position of clicks on the heatmap is totally wrong:
You may define your page’s layout by clicking the logo right next to the Group’s name (dropdown box) and choose the layout that fits your website. Else the layout is considered as liquid (100%) and if yours is fixed, clicks won’t be correctly placed.

Heatmap shows red squares:
Default was to try the fatest way to render the map, but some versions of GD don’t handle it correctly. Please check the specified checkbox in your configuration.

The admin page doesn’t show the whole page (only the top 50 pixels):
Choice was made to show only the part of the page that has clicks. Just select another page or another date range with enough data

The admin page reload itself to show my website (full page):
You should disable javascript code on your website that forces reloading pages if they are in a frame.

Firefox is running very slow on the admin page:
It seems Firefox has a problem while handling transparent PNGs, even if there’s only a PNG on the page. So sorry, no fix for that, just some bug reports:

I can’t delete the “logs” using FTP, what’s the matter?
The FTP user (say “ftp”) may not be the same as the web service’s user (say “www”). When a new click is logged, and the log doesn’t exist, “www” creates it, with various permissions, and most of the time “ftp” has only the read access. So “ftp” can’t delete it, only “www” can do it.


4. Relay: Ajax Directory Manager (ZUPA DUPA)



  • drag-n-drop files and folders
  • dynamic loading file structure
  • upload progress bar
  • thumbnail view, including pdf
  • multiple users & accounts


  • PHP version 4+
  • MySQL version 4+
  • Perl 5.8.0 (for upload progress)
  • Apache/IIS

5. Ajatus CRM


tus is a new distributed CRM that “runs as a local Ajax web application on your own computer. It uses the CouchDb object database for data storage and enjoys a wide range of plug-in and replication possibilities.”

The Ajax side of the house uses jQuery for fun and profit.

It is a lot of fun to see people get excited and creative around CouchDb, which recently had the first major release featuring:

* a REST API using JSON instead of XML for data transport,
* a JavaScript view engine based on Mozilla Spidermonkey,
* a GNU Autotools build system supporting most POSIX systems (Noah Slater) ,
* a built-in administration interface (Christopher Lenz),
* experimental fulltext search with Lucene (Jan Lehnardt) and
* countless tweeks, enhancements and other small refinements.

6. PHP SysInfo



phpSysInfo is a PHP script that displays information about the host being accessed.
It will displays things like Uptime, CPU, Memory, SCSI, IDE, PCI, Ethernet, Floppy, and Video Information.

7. Tiny Tiny RSS



8. Claros inTouch Ajax webmail AJAX Script


Password: hebelek

Ajax Webmail
No page refreshes, fast and clean user interface, enhancing your e-mail experience.
It supports many languages out of the box.
Instant Messenger
Chat with your friends from any network while you are composing an e-mail.
It is Java software and utilizes JSP/Servlets with the well known J2EE technologies.
Platform Independent
It is platform independent and can run on any Operating System & Architecture
Bayesian Spam Protection
Built-in spam protection. It can identify junk mail on the fly. No setup needed!
Supports both Pop3 and IMAP protocols. Supports both mbox and Maildir formats.
MIME Compatible
Fully MIME compatible whilst both sending and receiving e-mail.
Full featured calendar with daily, weekly and monthly views.
A web based disk management module for offering your users a simple to use remote backup solution.
A full featured address book is included.
Post-it Notes
Don’t memorize things. Simply place a post-it note. It will stay where you left it.
RSS Reader
Read news from your favorite RSS feed from the same interface.
To-Do List
Simple To-do list manager is included
Free Software
It is free software, as in term “free as a bird”.


9. Orca Interactive forum script


Enjoy the spirit of Web 2.0 with 100% AJAX forum software for self-moderated community
Inthe world of accelerating technologies you don’t want archaic forumsoftware. You want something new, fresh, classy, stylish and sexy -just like Orca.
Orca introduces a new approach tobuilding online discussion boards. The main focus in Orca is given toself-moderation – it provides tools to build a community without-moderators or administrators. It gives true freedom.

Interactive forum script with unique approach
AJAXyAJAX is cool and trendy, but what’s more important – it makes web apps work better. Orca is an AJAX forums script, using AJAX exactly where it should be used. This brings unique user experiences and considerable server load savings.

IntegratableYou might already have awebsite, and it might already have a good database of users. Orca isremarkably easy to integrate with your existing user database. You justadd it to your site, and it accepts existing members with their photosand passwords.

Self-rulingForums need close attention torun smoothly. Orca doesn’t. We built Orca as a self-moderated communityscript, which can work effectively without any moderators whatsoever.This is the main difference, and Orca will be getting better at it.

GPL-licensedFree community needs a freeforum script. Orca is completely free, open-source and free in terms oflicensing. It is distributed under GPL license, which should uncoverits potential and make it #1 forum software on the net.


10. MemHT Portal 3.5.0 Full

MemHT Portal is a Free PHP CMS and Blog that permit the creation
and the management online of websites with few and easy steps.
It’s completelly customizable, expandable and suitable for all needs.

– Content management: Articles, Faq, Guides and News divided by topics
– Visual (WYSIWYG) and BBCode text editors
– PDF, RSS feeds syndication, Tags engine and Social bookmarking
– Archive system
– Complete forums addon with private messages support
– Search engine friendly links when mod-rewrite available
– Search engine friendly sitemap (google,msn,yahoo,ask etc)
– Searcg engine friendly pages (customizable description and keywords)
– AJAX based Gallery with zip files importing support
– User groups and rank based access restriction
– File manager with users submission support
– Advanced security system
– Database panel: Optimization and Backup
– Template support
– Statistics, Newsletter manager, Advertising system,
Links directory, Advanced internal search engine and so on
– Feed Aggregator: Create new articles and news from external rss feeds
– CronJobs support for the maintenance class

Available languages:
– Arabic
– Bosnian
– Bulgarian
– Danish
– Dutch
– English
– French
– German
– Hungarian
– Italian
– Persian
– Portuguese
– Russian
– Serbian
– Spanish
– Swedish
– Turkish
– Vietnamese





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